Mr. Christoforidis is a computer expert developer, programmer and business analyst with significant professional experience more than 21 consecutive years.


He is Business Owner of the “Software-Schmiede Christoforidis”, a tailor-made software services company which is based in Zurich, Switzerland. He studied at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Gallen with specialty at computer science.


He has also graduated from other long-term educational programs to further increase his practical knowledge in the field. He has particular interest in the integration of quantitative methods in custom-made software for business purposes.


During his career he acquired advanced knowledge and solid technical skills in computer languages, databases and other relevant technologies. Working at the private sector, he has participated in several large- scale project and gained significant experience as a Product or Application Manager with his team. He has worked for other software-companies such as:


In addition, he has worked as a manager in a private bank in Zurich.

He speaks German (native speaker), Greek (as a bilingual) and English (very fluently). He is married and his has one child. 

Dr Fragoulakis is an expert economist with professional experience more than 17 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics, a master’s degree in applied economics (scholarship) and a PhD (first prize and distinction) in health economics from the University of Athens, while he is a PhD candidate in the application of Artificial Intelligent (artificial neural networks) in genomic medicine at the University of Patras. He has co-authored thirty nine (39) peer reviewed articles published in international journals, two (2) books in English language published by “Elsevier Academic Press” in personalized medicine (plus one in press), four (4) book chapters in economic evaluation in health care and several field research studies.


Currently he is working at the Golden Helix Foundation, an UK-based international non-profit research organization aiming to advance research and education in the area of genome and personalized medicine in collaboration with the Oxford University (Nuffield College-Health Economics Research Centre). He is also a Senior Health Economics Consultant in the “Metabolomic Medicine Clinic”, one of the largest health clinics for autoimmune and chronic diseases in Europe, which is directed by the President of the European Institute of Nutritional Medicine who are a leading expert in this field. He started his career as an Data Analyst in the University Hospital of Patras.


He was Research Associate at the “Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research” (IOBE) sponsored by the Hellenic Pharmaceutical Company Association (SFEE), Special Advisor of the Governor of the Largest Sickness Fund (IKA) with five million insurees and 20,000 personnel and Research Fellow at the “National School of Public Health” in Greece. He has also acted more than ten years as a technical consultant on a large number of multinational pharmaceutical companies. He has taught four (4) semester-long courses at the Open University of Cyprus and Frederick Open University (post graduate).


He has also given several seminars in post-graduate level (Medical School-University of Athens/Democritus etcetera). As a post-doctoral researcher, developed a new methodological model in economic evaluation to describe the decision making process of budget holders for innovative health technologies in personalized medicine.

Evlampia Logou Christoforidis

Mrs Logou was born in 1980 in Thessaloniki, Greece.


She spent her early years in Thessaloniki where she studied classical music, languages, classical and contemporary dance. From that early stage she developed a strong interest for the ancient greek culture and the philosophical aspects of mankind.


In 2001, she moved to Switzerland to continue her education in dancing and took her diploma on classical dance in 2004. She continued her dancing career and education and was awarded the Certificate for Ballet Teaching Studies from Royal Academy of Dance in September 2007.


It was at that time that she started concurrently to her performances, teaching ballet in several dance studios in Zurich as well as managing her own ballet studio located in Oberglatt near Zurich.


Between 2006 and 2010 she created two full evening performances for her school where more than 150 students participated in a two hours program performed at the theater of the cantonal high school in Bülach.


In 2014, after having spent many years abroad, she decided to go back to her native country – a decision partly prompted because of the birth of her daughter, Elena Anastasia. She then joined the long-established family owned business as a Vice President and expanded the business to Europe and the USA as well as to other sectors and activities contributing with her motivations in business success.


In 2018 she created Software Schmiede for her husband in order to further his aims in computer programming and help solve problems that clients presented by creating custom-made software solutions. She then developed the company even more by recruiting high-ranked professionals from adjucent fields such as data science and economic analysis and so enabled the creation of a highly-customized software product.


As the President of the firm she continues to create and expand it by establishing its lines and terminals and triming the production lines.


In her spare time she enjoys cooking, gardening, listening to music, reading and studying. She has studied the “Hubbard Management System” a body of administrative technology developed by the American Engineer Mr. L.R. Hubbard.


She speaks and writes fluently in english, german, french and greek.