High up -and stay up

I have already been able to work on many projects in my treadmill and have already been able to look at many technologies and can develop many applications with many tools. In the past until today I worked with the following technologies:

  • .Net(C#)
  • C++
  • Angular
  • React
  • Microsoft SQL Databases
  • Oracle Databases
  • PL-SQL
  • Sybase Databases
  • Powerbuilder Programming Language von Sybase
  • Sharepoint 2010/13/16
  • JAVA


When should one decide for an individual software?


Now, the question arises, how to actually find out whether an individual software can support the processes so that a competitive advantage can be generated. Therefore, one should decide for custom software, :

  • If standard solutions available on the market do not support the requirements.
  • If you can only use a fraction of a software, but have to pay the full license fee.
  • If you have a competitive advantage over your competitors in process optimization.
  • If there is no suitable standard software.
  • If you want to guarantee complete control over the future development of the software.
  • If there are many third-party systems, these must be integrated and taken into account.

Your wishes are important to me and I advise you very much on the basis of my experience.

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